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John Ohman, NRA Training Counselor & Recruiter,

The statements contained herein do not necessarily represent the opinion of Coast Rifle & Pistol Club or the National Rifle Association


NRATV has been cancelled for the present.  See the statement at the end of this article for details. 


Similar to a notice presented here in November of 2018, the NRA has a couple of promotions regarding the cost of Life Membership, normally $1500.  Recruiters (like myself) can discount it to $750.  The other promotion is a mailing directed to current NRA Life, Endowment, Patron and Benefactor Members.  Those individuals receive a printed form that allows them to sign-up new Life Members for $600.  It also permits those Life, Endowment or Patron members to move up to the next membership grade for $350, a savings of $1,150 (I know this is the correct dollar figure for Endowment Members and assume it’s the same for the other two ratings).  The upgrade can be had for $25 monthly.  For the full payment or upon completion of the installment payments, the member receives an NRA Duffel Bag listed as a $79.95 value.  Don’t ask me who comes up with those numbers or why it can’t just be $80 but I can say the quality is usually pretty good on these promotional, incentive items.  There is an implication that the full offer is valid until August 2nd only.  Contact me if I can be of any assistance.

No NRA?  Make no mistake that there are forces more powerful and better financed than ever before aiming to destroy the National Rifle Association.  If NRA fails I hope you have a plan in place to recover some of your investment in firearms, ammunition, reloading supplies, optics, etc.  NRA remains the most cost-effective way to defend your 2ndAmendment rights which indirectly but effectively counters all the radical proposals and ideas of the far left element of the Democratic Party.  There are of course many Democrats who are not in favor of these things but the national Party is so desperate to return to a position of full power in the 2020 elections that any deal with the devil is looked upon as divinely inspired.  Their black voter base is eroding after decades of failed programs so they need to import new voters attracted by the promise to give them as much of your money as you can be tricked out of.

The NRA needs many more members along with the financial support of both new and current members.  So if you are unable to join, promote membership and/or otherwise contribute, you should consider how to salvage some of the value of your gun collection.  It doesn’t take a crystal ball to figure that handguns will go first along with reassurances that there are no designs on long guns.  When the rifles begin to go, shotgun owners will be placated with the tale that there’s never, ever been any plans aimed at scatterguns.  And all along the way many gun owners will be lulled into believing whatever makes them feel good, less threatened.

I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand.  But the reports from gun owners, either former or soon to be former gun owners, are pretty frightening – especially with regard to how quickly the practical, useful possession of firearms is downgraded then eliminated without skipping a beat.  But I do spend a lot of time in Britain.  Handguns are ancient history.  You can own a rifle under some circumstances but it must be kept at a gun club/range under lock and key.  Shotgun ownership/possession is pretty much limited to very rural or agricultural situations.  Should you use a shotgun in self-defense you will face criminal prosecution highly prejudiced in favor of the Crown.  Air guns can’t be purchased by mail but they are available in very specialized retail shops.  The ones I’ve visited are generally built like prisons with security to match so Parliament and the Crown won’t be undermined by Daisy Red Ryder Carbines.

A Statement by NRA Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre            

 (received by email Wednesday, 26 June 2019)

Dear NRA Instructor,


As many of you may know, we have been evaluating if our investment in NRATV is generating the benefits needed. This consideration included the return on investment and the cost and the direction of the content. Many members expressed concern about the messaging on NRATV becoming too far removed from our core mission: defending the Second Amendment. So, after careful consideration, I am announcing that starting today, we are undergoing a significant change in our communications strategy. We are no longer airing “live TV” programming. Whether and when we return to “live” programming is a subject of ongoing analysis.  The NRA will continue and improve our service on social media channels and our flagship website, – your trusted resource of information. Our many web sites will continue to showcase new and archived videos, as we reorganize much of this information in a way that better serves our key audiences.


What necessitated the change now is our conclusion that our longtime advertising firm and website vendor failed to deliver upon many contractual obligations it made to our Association.  The NRA will always hold our vendors to high standards and ask that they maximize their value to the Association. No exceptions.  Looking ahead, you can expect great things from your NRA. We will energize our messaging strategy, become more cost efficient, and promote the NRA’s singular focus like never before.  Simply put, our messaging strategy will advance the NRA’s core mission: to serve our members and fight for our Second Amendment. – Wayne