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·    Updated December 10, 2021


NRA News

by John Ohman

The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of  Coast Rifle & Pistol Club or the National Rifle Association

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There are some important cases currently before the United States Supreme Court with more on the way in short order.  Several involve long-standing restrictions on firearms and those are of course the ones of interest to the National Rifle Association.  Other organizations are concerned, too, enough for

at least four different groups to email me at least five days a week seeking contributions specifically for their attorney-related costs in this regard.  This volume of emails has the effect, on me at least, of seeming to merge into a single campaign that’s difficult to keep separate.  Many of these organizations

are also seeking memberships which start at about $10 per month.  I’m not trying to discourage contributions to efforts that are of concern to all gun owners.  If you’re confidant about a particular organization, please follow your own heart and mind about contributing.

December always brings our attention to family, holidays, Christmas, the end of the year, etc.  Added to all that is the fact that we are now officially less

than a year away from the Congressional mid-term elections.  That means to me that anyone I can recruit to NRA Membership now will definitely be part

of the total number throughout next year’s election campaigns which will be crucial to your gun rights.  The degree of NRA’s influence is a product of that total membership.  The NRA’s impact upon mid-term elections is considerably greater as opposed to presidential election years.  NRA membership totals are published for the entire organization only.  When candidates see that number rise they can’t really be sure where those members live – and vote.

I can get you among that number for as little as $6 a year (NOT per month).  It makes a thoughtful but inexpensive gift that can make a huge different in

our lives as well as that of our children and grandchildren.  Contact me via the email address above (please list in the “subject” line something about NRA, guns, etc., to help save your message from the junk folder).  If you decide to purchase a membership for a third party, I require your personal assurance

that such third party is willing to become an NRA member.

While the $6 Associate Membership is the lowest rate I can offer, discounts are available for most membership levels and renewals – which are just as important.  Get in touch with me for details.  If you like, include a phone number with your email.

Merry Christmas.  Have a safe and happy holiday.