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Two Gun Match

 The two gun match is designed to allows shooters an opportunity to test themselves and their equipment in a dynamic environment under the stress of time while safely using a rifle and a pistol.  It is a “time plus penalties” format and will have at least four stages of fire.


The match is held the 4th Sunday of every month.  Sign up will be on practiscore we will also allow sign up before the match.  Setup starts at 8am and shooting starts at 9am.


Parking should be around range number 6, range number 5 will be our briefing and meeting area.


The cost is $10 for CRPC members and $20 for non-members.


A zeroed rifle or pistol caliber carbine and the ability to carry ammunition for it.  A magazine fed semi automatic is suggested.  Up to 60 rounds may be needed during a stage.  You need a chamber flag for your rifle.  If you do not have one it will be provided at cost.  A pistol and a holster that will retain the pistol while moving.  Depending on capacity, 2-4 magazines are needed.  Any accessory used on a gun must stay on the gun throughout the match e.g. bipod, magnified optic etc.  Round count is generally under 150 rifle and 100 pistol.


Physical and Mental Component

You will be required to shoot from a variety of positions, perform physical challenges, move and be safe while being timed.  If you have issue with a particular physical aspect, talk to the RO after the stage walk-though and an alternative will be considered.  Blind stages and target discrimination stages will be included to encourage shooters to think during a stage.


Safety Briefing

·        Eye and hearing protection will be required at all times for all participants during the match. This includes spectators.

·        This is a cold range. All weapons will be unloaded at all times with the exception of the shooter actually shooting in the stage.  No weapons will be loaded/made ready until verbal command is received from the Range Officer

·        When not in use, sidearms will be holstered, magazine removed, hammer down When not in use, rifles will be carried facing downward, racked or grounded, magazine removed. The use of a chamber flag for long arms is required.

·        180 degree rule applies for shooters during the course of the stages

·        This match involves movement with loaded weapons, no fingers in the trigger guard unless shooting. Be aware of tripping hazards during movement.  You are required to maintain control of your weapons during the match.

·        Match stages will be designed and laid out to avoid the necessity to abandon hot weapons and avoid the necessity to “hot holster” during weapon transitions

·        When a shooter has completed shooting a stage they will drop magazine and show clear.  A pistol will be aimed at the berm and have hammer/striker dropped and re-holstered, rifles will have chamber flags inserted.

·        If you are not comfortable with the requirements during any stage, or are not able to perform the activity, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO IT. Just inform the Range Officer and we’ll figure something else out.

·        Spectators are to remain to the rear of the line at all times during the match.

·        In the event that the weather makes range conditions unsafe, the match will be postponed or canceled.

·        All other CRPC safety rules will be adhered to during the match.

Instant Disqualification

·        Violation of Cold Range Rule

·        Violation of 180 Rule

·        Negligent Discharge

·        Dropped Weapon

·        Shooting pistol steel with a rifle

·        Altering weapon between stages

·        Removing chamber flag or un-holstering weapon

·        Unsportsmanlike conduct



·        Match is time plus penalties, Vicker's count.

·        All stages will be weighted equally

·        Paper targets require two hits to neutralize.  A-zone or A/B-head receive no penalties.  B zone is a  2 second penalty. C is a three second penalty.  Misses (mikes) are a 5 second penalty.

·        Engaging a no shoot target is a 20 second penalty PER SHOT.

·        Failure to neutralize steel targets is a 10 second penalty.

·        Failure to engage a target is a 60 second penalty.

·        Failure to complete a portion of a stage is a 60 second penalty.



·        It is our expectation that all shooters will help reset, set up and tear down stages.

·        We do not recover brass until all members of a squad are done shooting a stage.

·        We shoot the long range stage first to free it for regular members.

·        We leave the ranges in the condition we find them, or better. 

·        Guests of CRPC should stay within the shooting area (with their squad)



Run What You Brung- This division has no limitations except what has already been outlined

Pistol Caliber Carbine- This division is for people that prefer to shoot a rifle in a pistol caliber

Armored- This division is for people that want to wear body armor.  You must wear rifle plates throughout the entire match, before you shoot the first stage until after you shoot the last stage.

Contact:  Hale Switzer  hswitzer@protonmail.com



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